5 Ways to Make Hair Look Gorgeous

Hair tutorials are fun when you have time to learn new styles, but sometimes you need to get out the door in five minutes or less! Madison Reed has ten tips to streamline and add finesse to your routine while making the most of your precious time.

10 Quick Tips for Gorgeous Hair

  1. Keep pretty clips, pins, and barrettes handy. Whether it’s a large clasp near the nape of your neck or a couple of bejeweled bobby pins to style uncooperative bangs, clips add glitz and extra structure to your everyday look. Browse the hair accessories section next time you’re running errands at the drugstore and get a few pieces that catch your eye.Use a cute barrette or clip can rescue your hair day when you wake up with a stubborn cowlick that can’t be tamed. And show off your loose and tousled waves in a new way: pushed away from the face and secured with pins.
  2. Try a hair mask. Take five extra minutes after you shampoo and treat your tresses to a hair mask. This easy treatment gives your hair time to soak up conditioning elements to make it softer and stronger.Squeeze excess water out of your hair and leave on Madison Reed’s nourishing conditioner (free of sulfates, added parabens, and gluten) for a few extra minutes in the shower. The steam heat will help the conditioner penetrate as well.
  3. Get your gloss on. Hair gloss is a salon secret that is easy to use at home. The initial application will take 20-35 minutes, but it’ll set you up for silky, shiny hair that takes less than 5 minutes to style!Choose your shade of gloss for the look you want: you can add warm red and bronze tones, tone down brassy highlights, or use clear to deep condition and add shine. Apply it right to dry hair, rinse out, and style. The effects of gloss will last up to 8 shampoos.
  4. Touch up roots on the go. Don’t let mismatched roots distract from your stunning locks. Keep Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up compact in your bag so you can cover roots and stray hairs with instant powder hair color.Choose the color that’s right for you and keep the slim compact with you. Its wide brush makes it easy to apply the oil-absorbing powder, and it won’t budge until you shampoo. It’s a foolproof way to look perfectly put together.
  5. Try a simple braided updo. Whether you’re rushing out the door with wet hair or didn’t have time to shampoo, a braided updo offer a quick fix with style to spare. The extra step of pinning the braids up elevates this look from playground to runway.You don’t have to be a stylist or a wizard to master this look! For long or medium length hair, start at the part and create two braids, one on each side.Secure the braids with hair pins (use the pretty sparkly pins to really dress this style up!) near the nape of your neck. Tuck the ends underneath.
  6. Be a tease. Don’t worry, we’re only talking about hair! For long or medium-length hair, back-comb a section of hair near the crown of the head to create some extra lift and volume, then secure it with a couple of bobby pins. To transition this look into nighttime, experiment with a sleek, glossy ponytail and a smoky eye. This style can go from desk to chic café in mere minutes, so it’s an ideal look for an action-packed day.
  7. Block UV rays. Healthy hair will naturally look better, cutting down on styling time. Just like skin, hair needs sun protection to stay healthy. Give strands everyday protection from UVA/UVB rays with the lupine flower protein inMadison Reed’s shampoo and conditioner.If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the sun, use sunscreen designed for both skin and hair, so you’re not carrying anything extra. You can also wear an on-trend, wide-brimmed sun hat to keep roots and hair from fading or losing luster.
  8. Scrunch with surf spray. Rock the beach beauty hair that’s been gracing fashionable heads this season. Prep hair with a surf spray to amplify its natural texture. Use sea salt-based bottled blends to scrunch damp or dry hair and skip the blow dryer (it’s healthier for your hair to do less heat styling). When your office mate asks how you hair got so windswept, flip it nonchalantly, smile, and go back to your spreadsheet knowing it only took you two minutes.
  9. To the Internet. From expert to beginner-friendly DIY, YouTube is a treasure-trove of how-to videos. Create a custom playlist for yourself by searching for styles you like and narrowing your search results by time.That way, you’ll have a go-to resource of tips and tricks from hair experts. Of course, the best place to start is with our easy-to-follow tutorials!
  10. Join the band. Heads up: it’s a coverup! Make a bad hair day go away with a wrap, scarf, or headband. Headbands come in a spectrum of styles—from sweetly simple to ornate. The real beauty lies in their simplicity: they sweep hair away from the face to give you a clean, fresh look with control. Just like the clips and pins above, it’s worth a few extra minutes in the drugstore to browse what’s available in the hair accessories section. Or have fun exploring Etsy for handmade pieces that suit your style. We fell in love with a splurge-worthy fairytale flower branch style made with Austrian crystals and a more affordable dramatic gold leaf headband.